Photoshop Mobile–Sony Xperia Z

We’ve got a special guest today. Sony ambassador Pablo Bollansée will join us for a short overview of an entirely different photomanipulation-experience than the one we’re used to. He has brought Sony’s newest flagship phone –the xperia Z- with him and we’ll be using it to test the mobile version of Photoshop, called “Photoshop Touch”. There’s a free version, called “Photoshop Express" as well.
Screenshot_2013-05-18-16-43-48We’re going to be brutally honest here. The app didn’t run that smooth upon startup. Panning and zooming through pictures does not feel responsive and is often slow. This is curious, as we’re using a beast of a phone with a 1.5ghz quad core processor, which is very close to the best processor out there. Any other heavyweight apps ran smoothly on the phone, so there’s a very simple conclusion we can draw here: Photoshop for Touch does not run well.
It’s not totally unworkable though. If you take your time and don’t zoom around too much, you can actually get some work done. Navigating through the menus goes pretty well and there’s a decent set of features. Some advanced things like content-aware fill are missing, which is understandable, since it’s a very recent addition to adobe’s arsenal.

The interface is pretty well designed and looks great on the xperia Z’s 1080p 5-inch screen. I still can’t believe they made a phone with a full HD screen by the way, it’s just crazy.


Changing settings and brush sizes goes smoothly and in some aspects, the interface is even better than the one we’re used in the desktop version. Layers work pretty well, but there’s a lot of features that got stripped here. First off, there’s no layer masks or adjustment layers, which is just unacceptable. Furthermore, blending modes and layer opacity are nowhere to be found. These are some very serious flaws and overall they lead to a pretty unhappy verdict: Photoshop Touch is not a serious alternative to Photoshop. you can touch up some family photos and add some silly effects, but that’s not really what I want to use it for.
If you want to do some serious Photomanipulation, stick to the desktop version. That is all.


We took a quick look at "Photoshop Express” as well, which is the free version of Photoshop Touch. It’s basically just the same, only it has even less features. It’s closer to Instagram than the actual Photoshop really.

No blame on Sony, however. The hardware we used for testing this piece of appificated –that’s not a real word- industry standard, is great. The screen looks absolutely amazing and it’s fast as lightning.

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